What’s New from Oznorts

In the past month, we’ve been working hard to bring more features to our customers. We’ve added Apple Pay support, so you can pay for any invoice from us using Touch ID on your iPhone, MacBook Pro, or using your Apple Watch, we’ve enabled access to cPanel for our hosting clients, given free SSL certificates to our hosting clients, free daily offsite backups for our hosting customers, and added a few more domain TLDs. Oh, and our first product, Portfolio Place, had it’s first beta released.

This month, the first beta of Portfolio Place was released! Portfolio Place is thewebsite builder for artists. Features include: in-depth and live statistics for each work of art, exclusive themes, easy customization, multiple categories, automatic updates, and unlimited artworks*.

We’re finishing up beta testing and completing our final features this month and next. We are aiming to release a stable version of Portfolio Place by January 1st, 2017.

Know someone who could use Portfolio Place? Are you yourself an artist? Just want to learn more about Portfolio Place? Visit the Portfolio Place website for more information. Fill out the form if you’d like to be a beta tester.

Beta testers receive more bandwidth and storage space than future users will, as well as a free enrollment to our upcoming newsletter (which will feature an artist and their work every month), a paid addon once Portfolio Place is out of beta.

Please subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, follow us on Twitter, and share us with your friends and family (enemies, too, if you’d like).

If you are checking out on a MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch that supports Apple Pay, an Apple Pay button will show up above the payment options. Click or tap the button, and authenticate your payment. That’s it, you’ve paid for your order without entering your credit card information!

Try out Apple Pay this weekend and use promo code BFCM20 to get 20% off** hosting and/or addons!

cPanel is the hosting platform of choice for nearly every hosting company, and we’ve finally enabled access for our clients. In your Oznorts account, browse to your service details, and there should be links to different settings in cPanel, as well as a login link on the left sidebar that logs you in automatically!

Even better, you can log back in to your Oznorts account from cPanel without entering any passwords.

With this enabled, you are free to edit website files, add/edit email accounts, create databases, and more. Login to your cPanel account now to see what it’s like!

When you sign up for an Oznorts hosting account, a free, domain-validated SSL Certificate will be issued to your primary domain within three days. Nothing needs to be done on your end to receive the SSL Certificate. And, when you add a subdomain to your account, another cert will be issued for that domain within three days.

All existing clients have received their certs, and their websites are all secured with one!

Need a cert with a higher warranty, multiple domains, and/or better validation? Browse our SSL Certificates page to find the perfect cert for you (you don’t need to use our hosting to purchase these certs!).

Free certs are valid for 90 days, and are automatically renewed before their expiration date.

If you browsed your cPanel as recommended earlier, you may have noticed a panel titled JetBackup. JetBackup automatically backs up all of your cPanel account’s files, emails, cron jobs, databases, DNS zones, and SSL certificates every day to an offsite location. You can restore your whole account to a specific backup, or pick and choose specific files to restore. You may also download your emails, databases, and more if you ever need to revert back to an older version.

Are you an existing client? At least one backup should be completed by now and visible in your cPanel!

Three new TLDs were added this month, .DOCTOR, .BLOG, and .YOKOHAMA.

Interested in registering one of these domains? Visit our Domains page and search for your preferred domain!

* There is no limit on the number of artwork, however, there is a limit on disk space on the cheapest plan. If needed, your account will be automatically upgraded to the next highest plan to accommodate your needs.
** Promo code is valid 11/25/2016 through 11/28/2016. Applies to hosting, Portfolio Place, product upgrades, and any addons (excluding domain addons).