Support and Billing Notice

We are disconnecting from the Internet for a nine-day camping trip in Arizona and Utah next week. We will be gone Wednesday, May 17th, through Thursday, May 25th. Support tickets will be replied to by Saturday, May 27th.

In addition to regular support, Fast Track and Live Chat support will be unavailable while we are away. Any domains and websites should continue to load as expected while we are away, and if not, should be fixed quickly by our providers. Additionally, new hosting and domain orders should go through as expected, however if they do fail, we will fix that by May 27th.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We are also changing our hourly rates soon. These rates will go in effect June 1st, 2017. Every June 1st after this we will raise our hourly rates by 10% to better reflect industry rates (though our rates will still be below the average, which is $60-80/hour for design work and ~$100 for development, according to Bonsai) as well as our enhanced knowledge.

You will receive an email sometime before June 1st reflecting your new rates, and if they have changed. Some clients’ (especially newer clients) rates will not be raised.

Sometime later this year we will also announce a new rate structure, to better reflect the difficulty and different types of work we do for your website. For example, the cost of back-end development (PHP and MySQL) will, generally, be higher than the cost for front-end design and development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

If you currently receive any discount on our hourly rate, the email you receive later this month will reflect your new rate, inclusive of that discount. You will still receive that discount, and we will say how much you are saving in the email.

Any valid quotes with our old rate will still be valid at the rate shown. Work done outside of the scope of that quote/contract will be billed at the new rate, if it is done after June 1st.

Thank you for your business!

Image of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona | © Ansel Adams 1941