Protect your Domain from Expiring

Your domain is an important part of your brand. Lose it, and you could be stuck without it. Even worse, your competitor could take it from you. There are many examples of this happening to major companies, including when earlier this year, TP-Link didn’t renew their domain.

If you ignore the reminder emails, your domain can expire and could cost you $300+ in recovery fees. If you don’t ignore them, however, you have to logon to our website, find the invoice, and pay it. Don’t you wish there was a way to prevent your domains from expiring? Well there is.

1. Turn on Auto Renew

When Auto Renew is enabled, we’ll automatically send you a renewal invoice before your domain expires.

To enable Auto Renew on all of your domains, head over to the domain management page, select all of your domains, and select Auto Renewal Status from the button.

2. Register or renew for multiple years

It may be obvious, but the longer your domain is registered, the less of a chance your domain will expire. In addition to the lower risk, you save a little money by paying for multiple years in advance.

If you’re registering a domain, there will be a dropdown to select the amount of years (with most domains) you’d like to register for. We recommend selecting the highest amount of years possible, however it is, of course, up to you.

If you want to renew your domain early and add more than one year to the expiration date, head over to the Domain Renewals page. As with registrations, there are dropdowns for each active domain in your account.

3. Add a credit card to your account

When you have a valid credit card stored in your account, invoices will automatically be paid up to two days after being sent.

Note: This step only works when you have Auto Renew enabled.

4. Keep your contact information valid and up-to-date

Always be sure to keep your account details valid so that we can send you invoices, payment confirmations, and other important information about your domains, services, and account in general.